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Eddy current testing is a versatile method that allows us to locate defects in the surface and subsurface in different materials (also in the non-ferromagnetic). Using this technique, we are able to measure also the thickness of the coating. We have all the necessary equipment to carry out a full inspection for welding of any kind. For the thickness measurement test in the tubes of the condenser in the heat exchangers we use eddy current probes.

Eddy current testing allows us to detect external and internal changes in the material, such as holes, erosion, cracks or wear of the material.
Thanks to early detection of defects, our clients can keep their equipment in the good condition, prevent it from damage and as a result save costs.

All our technicians are certified according to the international standards such as UNE-EN ISO 9712.
Within our team we have qualified NDT Level III representatives.

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